2011-9-13 (Meeting Notes)

AOE Dynamic Work Group:  Membership Committee

September 13, 2011

Help with the selection process of new members.

Members Present: Heather Walker, Ellen Roberts


Refined Goals of the Work Group:

  1. Improve visibility of the AOE to new and existing faculty members
    1. Consider selection of committee members to include at least one member from each Department or Division. 
      1. i.      The responsibility of the committee members would be to make all new faculty in each Department/Division aware of the AOE.
        1. Consider putting together an informational packet that could be provided to new faculty during their orientation.
    2. ii.      The committee member will also be responsible for making all faculty in their Department/Division aware of each of the curriculum sessions that are offered.
  1. Make AOE membership more desirable to potential candidates
    1. More visibility of Curriculum activities—consider including a calendar of events on the UNC AOE webpage
    2. Consider NOT scheduling all events on one day, maybe choose two possible days (such as Wednesday OR Thursday) and alternate from month to month.  This is partially a selfish request because I am at the VA in Durham every Thursday therefore I will not be able to attend any of the sessions scheduled this year.


Action Items with Dates and Responsible Individuals:

  • No action items identified, these are simply recommendations for the Co-Directors to consider.


Plan for Next Meeting:

  • No further meetings scheduled at this point.