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Curriculum Innovation -- Visiting Professor Dan Hunt, MD, MBA


Wednesday October 24th Events | Thursday October 25th Events



Wednesday October 24


Is UNC ready for Curricular Change? Factors to consider (AOE Grandrounds)
12:00-1:00pm - Bondurant 2030 - LUNCH PROVIDED(30)

What are the areas we need to focus on as our institution embarks on a journey of major curricular changes? What are possible weaknesses that could hinder effective implementation of change and what we can do to remove those barriers?

Focus on

  • External and internal boundaries that help define the scope of curricular change
  • Contribution that GME milestones project can make to curricular change
  • Examples from other schools that can guide us in making change


Individual Meeting time
1:00-4:30pm - MacNider 328

Time for individual meetings with key faculty and student leaders. Also prep and reflection time for Dan Hunt.


Disruptive Innovation: Implications for Educators (AOE Faculty Development Session)
4:30-5:30pm - Bondurant G010

Fundamental aspects of disruptive innovation. Group discussion on how to apply the lessons of disruptive innovation to the US system of training physicians and more specifically to the impending curricular change at UNC


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Thursday October 25


Facilitating Change (AOE Workshop)
7:30-9:30am - Bondurant G030 (with break-out into Bondurant 2020) - CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST PROVIDED(30)

Hands on survival simulation exercise that Dan Hunt has used effectively in past to help group gain insight into group process and overcoming resistance to change.


Individual Meeting times
10:00 -11:00am - MacNider 328

Time for individual meetings with key faculty and student leaders.


Preparing Students for Residency Interviews (for students only)

11:30-1:00pm - Bondurant G010

Seminar with 4th year students to help them prepare for residency interviews. Dan Hunt will use a model he has been developing to allow residents to more effectively interview.


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