Active Learning

(This Task Force Is No Longer Active)

Task Force Chair: Elizabeth Dreesen, MD

Task Force's Charge: The Active Learning Task Force was formed to address beliefs among medical school faculty that the medical student learning experience has become more passive. It has been tasked to research and investigate ways in which faculty can intervene to make the medical student experience more active and more involved in the teams on which they work.

The Active Learning Task Force has been charged by Warren Newton, MD, Executive Associate Dean of Medical Education, to come up with a series of concrete, relatively straightforward recommendations that could increase the involvement of students in the day to day function of teams and services. Another charge is to suggest some areas for broader curricular changes that would take place over several years and which would be oriented to improving the educational experience of students in general and the active component of their learning in particular.

Task Force Members: Karen Stone, Nancy Chescheir, Cheryl McNeil, Kenya MacNeil-Trice, Christopher Klipstein, Charles Foskey, Tim Farrell, Brian Benerski (Surgical resident), Bob Esther, Gary Gala, Phil Boysen, Mel Hurston, Kathleen Rao

Task Force Report: Active Learning Final Report (PowerPoint)