AOE Teaching Observation Program

The AOE Teaching Observation Program allows for you to arrange for a peer to observe your teaching and provide feedback to you tailored according to your needs.

  • The observation is completely confidential. No information pertaining to any aspect of your visit will be shared with anyone unless specifically requested in writing.
  • We will work with your availability to the greatest extent possible. You select the time and the place and we will do our best to make it work with our calendars.
  • You decide what type of feedback you would like to receive. We have a host of options available to you, from a very basic observation with written feedback e-mailed right after the visit to a complete series of observations and meetings. Of course, you can try out a one-shot observation and then decide if you would like assistance on any changes you intend to make to your teaching.

To request a visit, please fill out the Teaching Observation Request form. We will contact you shortly to finalize the date of the visit and the type of feedback you desire.


For additional information, or general inquiries, please contact Todd Zakrajsek (