Advanced Practice Selective

The Advanced Practice Selective (APS) is required for fourth-year students. The APS allows you to delve deeply into selective aspects of physician endeavor within a specialty of your choosing. A curriculum in systems based practice (SBP) is also part of this selective. During the month, you will spend approximately 70% of your time (14 days, minimum) working with your clinical attending, and 30% of your time (6 days) on the systems based practice curriculum. These two components are meant to complement each other. However, the SBP curriculum is standardized across the clinical sites.

Benefits of APS:

Career Decision Making

  • If you are sitting on the fence between two specialties, consider taking the APS before the end of August of your fourth year. Working closely with a faculty member in one of the areas that you are considering will likely help you make up your mind.
  • If you know the specialty in which you want to match and are considering UNC for your residency, same message applies: take the APS early. Consider asking your attending physician for a letter of recommendation if you think the rotation went well.
  • Consider doing an audition rotation at an institution in which you are interested. This will require some additional work on your part to set up. Please follow the directions under "Setting up an external site" on the "Course Selection Resources" page.

Addressing Personal Clinical Deficits

There are likely some clinical skills in which you feel weak. Consider the APS as a way of gaining proficiency in that area. If that is the case, then it doesn’t matter when in the academic year you take the APS. Taking it in the spring, after a busy fall recruiting season might be to your advantage.