APS MD/PhD Longitudinal

This selective is well suited for you to do alongside your PhD in a longitudinal format. The requirements are:

  1. Completion of 28 sessions (i.e. half days) in a specialized clinical setting.
  2. For the clinical component you need to ask your preceptor to complete the APS faculty forms that outline the goals of your chosen selective. Please ask her/him to send the forms to the course director Sarah Smithson ()  and course administrator Reid Johnson (reid_johnson@med.unc.edu) for verification. They will then be forwarded to Leanne Shook (leanne_shook@med.unc.edu) to register the course.
  3. Attendance at an APS orientation day. There are 10 of these days throughout the year, please e-mail Reid Johnson, the course administrator, for the schedule and let him know which day you will attend.
  4. Completion of the components of the online curriculum in systems based practice. You will hear more about this during the orientation day you attend. As you are doing a longitudinal selective you will have the whole year to complete this. There are 2 activities and one project which you need to write about. Please save your text in word and then download into the module forms on One45.  You will need to complete the online curriculum by the end of your scheduled rotation.
  5. Complete the online course Quality Improvement 102 on the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) Website. Email completion certificate to reid_johnson@med.unc.edu
  6. Your rotation will officially be scheduled for July 7th-April 24th unless otherwise noted.

Please contact Reid Johnson with any questions.