Requirements/ Grading

Requirements for APS:

  1. The Orientation for the Advanced Practice Selective is required. Please contact Anna Brown () in order to arrange an alternate date to attend if you are to miss your assigned date.
  2. In the Systems Based Practice Workbook you must complete:
    1. 1 Activity: Case-based write up, 1 page
    2. 1 Project: Choose a project from one of the 9 SBP areas in online workbook, 2 pages. Examples of quality projects: Student Project Sample 1Student Project Sample 2
  3. Complete the online course PS 101-105: Patient Safety and L101: Introduction to Health Care Leadership on the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) Website. Email certificate of completion to Anna Brown ().
    *Note: To access these courses, you must register as a student on the website. This can be done when you first register or by editing your profile if you have already registered. The most important section is Primary Role – CHOOSE “STUDENT”. This should give you full access to the course contents.

  4. Midterm Evaluation form.

    **All requirements are due by the Friday after your APS completion date.**
    **Activity and Project must Meet Expectations on first review to earn High Pass or Honors**


Grading for the course is H/HP/P/F. Criteria:

  1. Attendance: Students are required to complete at least 14 clinical days. Extenuating circumstances must be relayed to Course Director, Dr Sarah Smithson, who along with the preceptor will determine if requirements have been met.
  2. Satisfactory attainment of clinical goals as assessed by your preceptor on the end of rotation form.
  3. Demonstrated professional behavior as assessed by your preceptor on the end of rotation form.
  4. Satisfactory attainment of the course milestones demonstrated by completion of the systems based practice assignments.

APS Grades

Details of the course will be discussed on the first day of the rotation.