Requirements/ Grading

Requirements for APS:

  1. The Orientation for the Advanced Practice Selective is required. Please contact in order to arrange an alternate date to attend if you are to miss your assigned date.
  2. Participation in the team based learning activity on Health Care Reform.
  3. In the Systems Based Practice Workbook you must complete:
    1. 2 activities from 2 different modules. Write approximately one page double spaced
    2. One project (can be from one of the modules from which you have done an activity). Write a 2 sided double spaced paper.
  4. Complete the online course Quality Improvement 102 on the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) Website. Email certificate of completion to
  5. Midterm Evaluation form.


Grading for the course is pass/fail. Criteria for achieving a passing grade are:

  1. Attendance: Students cannot miss any of the 14 clinical days without permission from the Course Director, Dr Anne Mounsey.
  2. Satisfactory attainment of clinical goals as assessed by your preceptor on the end of rotation form.
  3. Demonstrated professional behavior as assessed by your preceptor on the end of rotation form.
  4. Satisfactory attainment of the course milestones demonstrated by completion of the systems based practice activities assessed by Dr Anne Mounsey, the faculty director.

Satisfactory work for the project assessed by the designated faculty for your chosen selective. (see list of committee members)

Details of the course will be discussed on the first day of the rotation.