Course Selection Resources

How to choose your clinical site

There are over 70 clinical sites representing most major clinical departments. A complete listing of the APS clinical sites and which months they are taking students can be accessed via the Individualization Phase APS Overview of Courses. Courses by department can be searched via the Individualization Phase Electives Book.

To sign up, list the sites, in the order that you want them, on your APS scheduling sheet when submitting your Individualization Phase schedule.

Please note that several of our recruited sites require permission from the faculty member or course coordinator in charge of the rotation. Please double check before signing up!

Create your own Advanced Practice Selective/Setting up an external site:

If you would like to do set up your own clinical experience, then take the following steps:

  1. Determine the specialty and the location. You can take this rotation outside North Carolina and outside the UNC system if you wish.
  2. Contact the APS course committee faculty who represents your chosen specialty. The course committee faculty member will need a description of what you will be doing and contact information of the faculty member who will be supervising you. That individual will need to agree to let you have 30% time (approximately 6 days) to complete the Systems Based Practice curriculum that is part of this rotation. Dr. Sarah Smithson will serve this role for all those specialties that do not have a faculty on the APS course committee.
  3. Have your preceptor fill out the following FORM and submit to Dr. Smithson for approval, copying Reid Johnson and Leanne Shook.

**Note: APS credit can not be given retrospectively**

You will need to submit Dr. Smithson and the APS course committee faculty member’s permission when you submit your scheduling sheet to Leanne Shook.  Please email Reid Johnson ( with any questions.