Beacon Program Children Services

For Acute Cases

  • Consultation by child maltreatment experts as requested by attending physician in the outpatient or inpatient setting
  • Child physical examinations by child maltreatment experts
  • Consultation (including clinical interviews, as needed) regarding hospitalized children by child maltreatment psychological experts
  • Liaison with DSS, mental health, legal system, hospital police, local law enforcement, domestic violence agencies

For Non-Acute Cases

  • Child physical examinations and clinical interviews by child maltreatment experts on an appointment basis in the Child Evaluation Clinic (CEC).
  • Appointments are made by representatives from law enforcement, Division of Social Services, or a medical provider by faxing a consent form and an intake form to 984-974-0875. You will be called with the time of the appointment.

Intake and Consent Forms

Directions to the Clinic

For directions to the clinic, questions or to report late arrival for an appointment, please call the Beacon Program office at 984-974-0470.