50th Anniversary Photos

Celebrated April 12, 2005

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Dr. Mel Bruckstein and Dr. John Bradley who was a member of the original Bullitt Club Dr. William & Emily Easterling
Dr. Easterling was a member of the original Bullitt Club.



50thAnniversary03 50thAnniversary04
Dr. William Atkinson, Wake Med & Wallace McLendon, Deputy Director, HSL Dr. William McLendon, founder of original Bullitt Club, makes his presentation on Dr. Berryhill in the new HSL meeting room



50thAnniversary10 50thAnniversary11
Dr. William McLendon presenting a signed photograph of Dr. Welch to HSL Deputy Director Wallace McLendon Dimitri Sigounas, medical student &
Dr. John & Betsy Anderson



50thAnniversary12 50thAnniversary13
Dr. George Sheldon, Bullitt Club faculty advisor & Dr. Benson Wilcox, member of original Bullitt Club, class of 1957 Dr. Watson Bowes enjoys the History of Medicine exhibits



50thAnniversary14 50thAnniversary15
Dr. Tim Thomas & Dr. Palmer Shelburn, member of the original Bullitt Club, class of 1955 Ann McLendon & Dr. William Atkinson, Wake Med



50thAnniversary16 50thAnniversary17
Dr. William McLendon & Dr. Juan Jose Alva Dr. Art Maimon & Wallace McLendon look at notes from Dr. Welch's 1901 class, presented to the Library by Dr. William McLendon



50thAnniversary18 50thAnniversary20
Dr. Tim Thomas & Family Ann McLendon & Gloria Blythe


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