A distinguishing aspect of our Biophysics Training Program is the diverse research interests of our 55 mentoring faculty. Within this diverse group of faculty, whose research interests are described below, we can roughly classify our research strengths into the areas of Structural Biology, Mechanistic Biology, Computational Biology, and Membrane and Cell Biophysics.

FacultyResearch AreaEmail
Aravind Asokan Genetics, Synthetic virology, gene therapy, virus-host interactions aravind_asokan@med.unc.edu
Max Berkowitz Chemistry, Surface hydration; Computational chemistry maxb@unc.edu
Kerry Bloom Biology, Molecular Biology; Chromosome and Spindle Dynamics Kerry_Bloom@unc.edu
Robert Bourret Microbiology, Molecular mechanism of signal transduction in bacteria bourret@med.unc.edu
Sharon Campbell Biochemistry and Biophysics, Structure/function of signaling proteins; Multi-D NMR campbesl@med.unc.edu
Eric Brustad Chemistry, Biocatalysis, Chemical Biology, Protein Engineering, Directed Evolution, Unnatural Amino Acid Mutagenesis, X-ray crystallography
Charlie Carter Biochemistry and Biophysics, Structural basis for tRNA synthase function; molecular evolution; X-ray diffraction carter@med.unc.edu
Xian Chen Biochemistry and Biophysics, Proteomics and Mass Spectroscopy xian_chen@med.unc.edu
Richard Cheney Physiology, Cellular motor proteins; The myosin superfamily cheneyr@med.unc.edu
Edward Collins Microbiology and Immunology, MHC Complex protein folding; X-ray crystallography edward_collins@med.unc.edu
Joe Costello Cell Biology and Anatomy, Intercellular junctions; Lens Structure; Electron microscopy mjc@med.unc.edu
Nikolay Dokholyan Biochemistry and Biophysics, Associate Director MCBP; Computational structural biology dokh@email.unc.edu
Tim Elston Pharmacology, Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems telston@med.unc.edu

Dorothy Erie

Chemistry, Structure of nucleic acid-protein complexes /Transcription regulation derie@email.unc.edu
Michael Falvo Physics, Physics of Supramolecular Protein Complexes; Cell Structure falvo@physics.unc.edu
Gary Glish Chemistry, Mass spectrometry of proteins and biomolecules glish@unc.edu
Jack Griffith Microbiology and Immunology, Biochemistry & visualization of protein-DNA interactions jdg@med.unc.edu
Klaus Hahn Pharmacology, Tools to Study Signaling Dynamics khahn@med.unc.edu
Ken Jacobson Cell Biology and Anatomy, Cell locomotion; Membrane dynamics frap@med.unc.edu
Michael Jarstfer Medicinal Chemistry, Enzyme function, drug-discovery, and biotechnology jarstfer@email.unc.edu
Hengming Ke Biochemistry and Biophysics, X-ray protein crystallography hke@med.unc.edu
Brian Kuhlman Biochemistry and Biophysics, Computational protein design / protein-protein interactions / structural biology bkuhlman@med.unc.edu
Alain Laederach Biology, Disease-associated mutations and their effect on RNA Structure alain@unc.edu
Sam Lai Infectioius diseases and drug delivery to and imaging of metastatic tumors lai@unc.edu
David Lawrence Chemistry, Chemical Biology lawrencd@email.unc.edu
Andrew Lee Medicinal Chemistry, Protein, Structure and Dynamics, NMR Spectroscopy drewlee@unc.edu
Bo Li Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Natural Product Biosynthesis and Discovery, Antibiotic Mechanism of Action, Metabolomics, Synthetic Biology boli@email.unc.edu
Jian Liu Medicinal Chemistry, Principles of heparin sulfate structural organization; Polysaccharide chemistry liuj@email.unc.edu
Barry Lentz Biochemistry and Biophysics, Director MCBP; Platelet membrane/blood coagulation; Membrane fusion uncbrl@med.unc.edu
Amy Maddox Biology, Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Cell Division asm@unc.edu
Paul Maddox Biology, Mitotic Mechanisms and Chromosome Dynamics pmaddox@unc.edu
William Marzluff Biochemistry and Biophysics, RNA structure/RNA-protein interactions marzluf@med.unc.edu
Gerhard Meissner Biochemistry and Biophysics, Mechanism of excitation-contraction coupling in muscle meissner@med.unc.edu
Sorin Mitran Mathematics, Computation mitran@unc.edu
Saskia Neher Biochemistry, Mutation and regulation of a group of human lipases neher@email.unc.edu
Robert Nicholas Pharmacology, Structure/Function of extracellular nucleotide receptors nicholas@med.unc.edu
Amy Oldenburg Physics, Biophotonics and biomechanics aold@physics.unc.edu
John Reader Cell and Developmental Biology, Protein translation system and in particular the molecular evolution of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and tRNAs; The molecular evolution of nucleic acids jreader@med.unc.edu
Matthew Redinbo Cell and Developmental Biology, Protein translation system and in particular the molecular evolution of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and tRNAs; The molecular evolution of nucleic acids redinbo@unc.edu
John Riordan Biochemistry, Structure and Function of ABC Proteins john_riordan@med.unc.edu
Michael Rubenstein Chemistry, Polymer Theory and Computer Simulations mr@unc.edu
Ed Salmon Biology, Structure/dynamics of microtubule assembly/disassembly tsalmon@email.unc.edu
Aziz Sancar Biochemistry and Biophysics, Structure and function of DNA photolyase aziz_sancar@med.unc.edu
Kevin Slep Biology, Cytoskeletal Structure and Dynamics; X-ray crystalography Kslep@bio.unc.edu
John Sondek Pharmacology, Structural basis of signal transduction; X-ray crystallography sondek@med.unc.edu
Richard Superfine Physics and Astronomy, Cell surface structure; Scanning probe microscopy rsuperphysics@unc.edu
Nancy Thompson Chemistry, Cell surface immunochemistry; Fluorescence microscopy nlt@unc.edu
Alex Tropsha Medicinal Chemistry, Computer-assisted molecular modeling alex_tropsha@unc.edu
Marcey Waters Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry and Molecular Recognition mlwaters@email.unc.edu
Kevin Weeks Chemistry, Structure/function of RNA and protein-RNA complexes weeks@unc.edu
Richard Wolfenden Biochemistry and Biophysics, Enzyme action; Water in biological processes
David Williams Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions critical to the formation of macromolecular complexes david_willjr@med.unc.edu
Qi Zhang Biochemistry, Molecular Basis of RNA Function; NMR qi_zhang@med.unc.edu