Methods in Biophysics

This is a series of 14-lecture, 1-2 credit modules. These modules introduce students to different techniques commonly used in mechanistic and structural biology. All modules are independent but require Biochemistry/Biophysics 649-652 or permission of the instructor as prerequisites. Dr. Barry Lentz serves as the Coordinator of this series, although each module has its own course director. In some cases, course-meeting times can be adjusted to meet the needs of students; contact the course director to inquire.

Biochem 660
Biochem 662
Macromolecular interactions
Biochem 663A and 663B
Macromolecular NMR: Theory &Practice
Biochem 665
Advanced NMR
Biochem 666
X-ray crystallography of macromolecules
Biochem 667
Macromolecular Crystallographic Methods
Biochem 670
Structural bioinformatics
Biochem 673
Proteomics, Protein Identification and Characterization by Mass Spectrometry
BCB 715
(This course will be cross-listed as a Biophysics Module): Mathematical and Computational Approaches to Modeling Signaling Pathways and Regulatory Networks
Biochem 664
Macromolecular spectroscopy: Principles & applications
Biochem 674
Ion Channels Transporters