Biochem 662

Macromolecular interactions

This is a practical course that coordinates lectures with experience in the Macromolecular Interactions Facility.  Lectures introduce methods for monitoring interactions of macromolecules with other molecules.  Labs offer students hands-on experience with major techniques available in the Facility. Tripathy, Course Director, (962-2362 or; 3/24/14-4/25/14; Lectures MW 11-11:50AM in 3007 Genetics Medicine; Labs TBA in MacInFac.  Registration limited to 16 students.  Cross listed as Chem 735.

a. Introduction to Binding and to Methods in the MacInFac

b. Binding

i. introduction to binding

ii. direct measurements

iii. indirect measurements

c. Analytical Ultracentrifugation

i. introduction to analytical ultracentrifugation

ii. sedimentation velocity

iii. sedimentation equilibrium

d. Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

i. principles

ii. kinetics of macromolecular interactions

iii. analysis of macromolecular binding equilibria

e. Biological microcalorimetry

i. principles

ii. differential scanning calorimetry and macromolecular domain structure

iii. isothermal titration microcalorimetry to monitor macromolecular binding

f. Static and Dynamic light scattering and determination of molar mass, RMS radius and hydrodynamic radius of macromolecules