Biochem 673

Proteomics, Protein Identification and Characterization by Mass Spectrometry

Xian Chen (Course Director), 843-5310,, 3/24/14-4/25/14, MWF, Room and Time to be Determined

  1. Basics in mass spectrometry (MS) in the field of proteomics
  2. Protein separation techniques
  3. Separation techniques on-line coupled to mass spectrometry
  4. Proteomics general aspects
  5. Proteomics, 1st generation
  6. Proteomics, 2nd generation
  7. Identification of protein modifications by MS
  8. Protein structure determination by MS
  9. Pharacterization of protein-protein interaction by MS
  10. Summary of mass spectrometric approaches in the field of proteomics