UNC Biophysics Program

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a vigorous interdisciplinary training program in biophysics (Molecular & Cellular Biophysics Program, MCBP) that we hope you will explore if you are interested in mechanistic and structural biology. The MCBP is distinguished by the size of its excellent and active faculty, by the rigor and diversity of its course work, and by its remarkably close and supportive community. We provide a rigorous educational and training experience that prepares our Trainees for top careers in modern quantitative and physical biology. I invite you on behalf of our students and faculty to browse our website to learn more about us.

Barry Lentz, Director and Professor of Biochemistry
"The Molecular & Cellular Biophysics program has not only guided me to a stronger understanding of the biophysical basis of cellular and molecular biology, but it has also provided me a close-knit cohort that serves me professionally, scientifically, and personally."
- Jake Gauer, Chemistry student
"Biophysics opened my eyes to how I now view life inside the cell: Biomolecules as dynamic ensembles rather than a static structure, and understanding their binding events as probabilities rather than a black box of cascades. I am now obsessed with understanding how various perturbations in a cell or an in-vitro system will shift the probability distribution of a protein ensemble, and relating this information to the protein's cellular function. Courses and faculty in Biophysics are guiding me in using and understanding NMR as a technique that provides atomic level information on changes in protein dynamics that relate to crucial biological events."
- Minu Ramanan, Biochemistry student


University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Dr. Barry Lentz - Program Director
Dr. Nikolay Dokholyan - Associate Director
- Associate Director
Lisa Phillippie - Program Administrator