posters and speaker abstracts


1.  Cassandra Hayne

Student, Neher Lab

The LPL Truncation Variant, LPLS447X, Increases Lipoprotein Uptake

3.  Dorsaf Ghalloussi, PhD

Postdoc, Bergmeier Lab

Rap1a/b isoforms differentially regulate megakaryocyte biology.

5.  Jacob Matson

Student, Cook  Lab

Mutual regulation of origin licensing and early differentiation

7.  Aaron Cook

Student, Bergmeier  Lab

The biochemical role for calcium and structural rearrangements required for CalDAG-GEFI activity regulating platelet function.

9.  Wentao Li, PhD

Postdoc, Sancar Lab

General method for genome-wide mapping of nucleotide excision repair at single nucleotide resolution

11. Amy Byrnes

Student, Slep Lab

Polarized TOG-tubulin binding specificity regulates microtubule polymerization and mitotic spindle formation

13.Hayretin Yumerefendi, PhD

Research Staff, Kuhlman Lab

Predicting affinity changes in protein-protein interfaces

15.  John Pryor, PhD

Postdoc, Ramsden  Lab

A Critical Role for RNA in Chromosome Break Repair

17.  Ann Emery

Student, Swanstrom Lab

Splicing Suppression in HIV-1 by Inclusion of the Env Exitron

19.  Raymond Piatt

Research Staff, Bergmeier Lab

"Impaired platelet activation with intact hemostasis in mice expressing low levels of CalDAG-GEFI"

21.  David S. Paul, PhD

Postdoc, Bergmeier Lab

Arp2/3 is critical for platelet homeostasis but dispensable for hemostatic plug formation

23.  Steve Holly, PhD

Faculty, Parise  Lab

AADACL1 Regulates Platelet Granule Secretion and Thrombosis

25.  Christopher Holmquist

Student, Marzluff Lab

Characterization of Crispr CAS9 Knock Out of Uridyl transferase

27.  Rui Lu, PhD

Postdoc, Wang Lab

Epigenetic Perturbations by Arg882-Mutated DNMT3A Potentiate Aberrant Stem Cell Gene-Expression Program and Acute Leukemia Developmentissecting the Sequence Diversity of HIV-1 Protease Processing Sites

29.  Hashem Meriesh

Student, Strahl Lab

An Old Tail with New Tricks: Novel Roles for the basic patch of histone H4

31.  Aaztli Coria

Student, Laederach Lab

Structural Domains of the lncRNA, SAMMSON

33.  John Fay, PhD

Postdoc, Riordan  Lab

Structural Elucidation of CFTR by Single-Particle Cryo-Electron Microscopy

35. Hyunna Lee

Student, Campbell Lab

Role of metavinculin in actin reorganization and force transmission


2.  Alex Chung

Student, Parise Lab

Potent CIB1-based combination therapies in triple-negative breast cancer

4.  Astor Ankney

Student, Chen Lab

Proteomic deciphering of EZH2 mediated pathways in TNBC for cancer marker development

6.  Megan Arrington

Student, Campbell & Loeser Lab

The role of Rac1 cysteine oxidation in cartilage

8.  Robert Lee, PhD

Postdoc, Bergmeier Lab

Effects of the Btk inhibitor ibrutinib on platelet function during inflammation and in primary hemostasis

10.  Yi-Ying Chiou, PhD

Postdoc, Sancar Lab

Mammalian Period represses and de-represses transcription by displacing CLOCK–BMAL1 from promoters in a Cryptochrome-dependent manner

12.  Silvia Ramos, MD, PhD

Faculty, Marzluff Lab

Impact of RNA structure on ZFP36L2 interaction with Luteinizing Hormone Receptor mRNA

14. Sharon Guffy

Student, Kuhlman  Lab

De novo design of novel zinc binding proteins: SEWING from partial zinc sites

16.  Hanna Trzeciakiewicz

Student, Cohen  Lab

The Role of Tau Protein Phosphorylation/Acetylation Crosstalk in Alzheimer’s Disease

18.  Jessica Hobson

Student, Carter Lab

Investigating the origin of coded protein translation

20.  Andrey Krokhotin, PhD

Postdoc, Dokholyan Lab

Direct identification of base- paired RNA nucleotides by correlated chemical probing

22.  Shuntai Zhou, MD

Research Staff, Swanstrom Lab

A New System to Screen for Mutagenic Compounds as Potential Broad Spectrum Antivirals to RNA Viruses

24.  Yulong Li, PhD

Postdoc, Wang Lab

Investigating the role of SMARCB1 in pediatric rhabdoid tumor formation.

26.  Oya Bermek, MD,PhD

Research Staff, Griffith Lab

Novel function of the UL8 component of the trimeric helicase/primase complex of the Herpes Simplex Virus-1 replisome

28.  Andrew Lerner

Student, Kuhlman & Strahl Lab

Light-activated nuclear localization of a histone methyltransferase reveals rapid dynamics of epigenetic modifications

30.  Mahmud Hussain, PhD

Postdoc, Kuhlman Lab

Gαq-Inhibitors that terminate G protein signaling by competing at an effector (PLC beta-3) binding site

32. Stephan Kudlaleck

Student, Kuhlman Lab

Computer-based Design of Zika and Dengue Virus Vaccine Antigens

34. Laila Elsherif, PhD and Josh Walker 

Faculty and Student, Parise  Lab

Quantitation of Suicidal NETosis Using Convolutional Neural Networks In Human Neutrophils