Spring 2008 Seminars

Tuesdays @ 11 am in 408 Mary Ellen Jones Building

January 15, 2008:  David Lawrence, PhD
"Chemical Sensors and Modifiers of Signaling Pathways"

January 22, 2008:  George Makhatadze, PhD
"Molecular Strategies for Designing Robust Proteins: Looking Deeper at the Surface"

February 5, 2008:  Sonke Johnsen, PhD
"From Magnets to Radical Pairs: the Biology, Physics, and Chemistry of Animal Magnetoreception"

February 12, 2008Sharon Campbell, PhD
"Palladin: a Molecular Architect of the Actin Cytoskeleton"

February 19, 2008: Jeffrey Kieft, PhD
"The Structural Basis for Tranlsation Initiation by a Viral IRES RNA: Eliminating the Need for Proteins" 

February 26, 2008
Dorothy Erie, PhD
"AFM and Single-Molecule Fluorescence Studies of DNA Mismatch Repair, and Cool Things You Can Do with AFM"

March 4, 2008Alan Rein, PhD
"Putting the Pieces Together: Molecular Interactions in HIV-1 Particle Assembly" 

March 11, 2008
Ed Egelman, PhD
"Polymorphic Perversity in Protein Polymers with Implications for Evolutionary Divergence" 

March 18, 2008
John Perona, PhD
"A Rationally Engineered Misacylating Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase" 

March 25, 2008:
 Cyrus Vaziri, PhD
 ***12 pm in the Pagano Conference Room of Lineberger***
"Regulation of DNA Replication by Checkpoint Signaling"

April 1, 2008Pilar Blancafort, PhD
"Re-programming Epigenetic Silencing in Tumor and Stem Cells with Artificial Transcription Factors (ATFs)" 


April 8, 2008Johannes Walter PhD
"Mechanism of DNA Replication and Repair" 

April 15, 2008
Dirk Gillespie, PhD
"Modeling Ion Permeation and Selectivity in Calcium Channels" 

April 22, 2008
Daniela Rhodes, PhD
"Structure of the 30nm Chromatin Fibre and the Regulation of Its Compaction" 

April 30, 2008:  Nicholas (Nick) Tonks, PhD
***Wednesday @3 pm in the Pagano Conference Room of Lineberger***
"Signal Transduction from a Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Perspective"

May 23, 2008
Kit S. Lam, MD, PhD
***Friday @ 11:15 am in the Pagano Conference Room of Lineberger***
"From Combinatorial Chemistry to Cancer Targeting"

May 27, 2008Sam Hamdan, PhD
***2:15 pm in the Pagano Conference Room of Lineberger***
"Single Molecule View of DNA Replication"

May 29, 2008Steven Gross, PhD
***Thursday @ 3:00 pm in the Pagano Conference Room of Lineberger***
"Molecular-Motor Based Transport In Vivo and In Vitro: Can we link the two?"