2012 Spring Seminars


Title Description Location
January 24: Charles T. Esmon (Oklahoma Res Med Fndn) "Preventing multiorgan failure with the protein c pathway and histone blockade" Bioinformatics 1131
January 31: Nigel Mackman (UNC) "Tissue Factor, microparticles and thrombosis" Bioinformatics 1131
February 7: Alex Nevzorov (NCSU) "Structure determination of membrane proteins by solid-state NMR: uniaxial alignment, spectroscopic assignment, and structure calculations" Bioinformatics 1131
February 14: Jenny Ting (UNC) "The NLR gene family: regulators of inflammation and immunity" G202 MBRB
February 21: Qi Zhang (New Department Faculty) "RNA dynamics at atomic resolution" Bioinformatics 1131
February 28: Eric Gaucher (Georgia Inst. of Tech) "Ancient enzymes for protein engineering" Bioinformatics 1131
March 6: Todd Stukenberg (Virginia) "Structure and function of vertebrate kinetochores" Bioinformatics 1131
March 13: Balaji Rao (NCSU) "Engineering molecular recognition using hyperthermophilic proteins" G202 MBRB
March 20: Richard Fishel (Ohio) "Mismatch Repair and Cancer" Bioinformatics 1131
March 27: Liang Tong (Columbia) "Mrna processing, degradation and quality control in eukaryotes" Bioinformatics 1131
April 3: Wendy Gilbert (MIT) "Molecular mechanisms of translational reprogramming lessons from hungry yeast" G202 MBRB
April 10: Hans Vogel (Calgary) "Calcium regulatory EF-hand proteins and their potential role in transmembrane signaling" G202 MBRB
April 17: Jacob Corn, PhD (Genentech) "Designing conformational selection at therapeutically important protein-protein interactions" Bioinformatics 1131
April 24: Susan Martinis (UIUC) "Modulation of amino acid editing in tRNA synthetases to prevent and promote mistranslation and alternate functions" G202 MBRB
May 3: James Morrissey (UIUC) "Polyphosphate: an ancient molecule at the nexus of blood clotting and inflammation" Bioinformatics 1131