Schedule of Events

8:30–9:00 AM Check-In at Main Floor Lobby
  Continental Breakfast on Second Floor Atrium

Session One – Kenan Room 204: Moderators: Doan On, Mrinalini Ramanan, & Hayretin Yumerefendi                                                      

9:00–9:05 AM Welcome from the Chair
9:05–9:25 AM Peter Thompson – graduate student (Campbell lab)
  Actin bundling through vinculin tail dimerization relies upon conformational dynamics in Vt helix 4
9:25–9:45 AM Joshua Kelley, PhD – postdoctoral fellow (Dohlman lab)
  A Heterotrimeric G-protein Promotes Persistent Chemotropism through Separation of Septins from Sites of Endocytosis
9:45–10:05 AM Michael Lafferty – research staff (Neher lab)

Regulation of Lipoprotein Lipase: A new understanding of ANGPTL4 inhibition.

10:05–10:20 AM Break (15 minute)
10:20–10:40 AM Alakananda Das – graduate student (Slep lab)
  Probing the role of Che-12 in regulating cilia structure and function
10:40–11:00 AM Natasha Strande, PhD – postdoctoral fellow (Ramsden lab)
  Ku's defined AP lyase active site determines Ku’s substrate specificity in NHEJ
11:00–11:20 AM Raghuvar Dronamraju, PhD – postdoctoral fellow (Strahl lab)
  A Cell Cycle Regulated Circuit Comprising Spt6, Ctk1 and PAF Regulates Pol II CTD Phosphorylation and Transcription Elongation
11:20–11:30 AM Break (10 minute)
11:30–11:50 AM David Paul, PhD – research associate (Bergmeier lab)
  The Rap-Gap Rasa3 is a critical regulator of platelet activation and thrombosis
11:50–12:10 PM Harsha Gunawardena, PhD – postdoctoral fellow (Chen lab)
  A unified label-free quantitation (LFQ) method combining spike-in metabolic labeling for comprehensive global and phosphoproteomic analysis of breast cancer subtypes
12:10–1:20 PM Lunch in Kenan Dining Room

Session Two – Kenan Room 204: Moderators: Jaime Campbell & Scott Langford                                                                         

1:20–1:40 PM Stephani Page – graduate student (Bourret lab)
  New small molecule analog for two-component signal transduction systems
1:40–2:00 PM Stephen Holly, PhD – research faculty (Parise lab)
  Discovery of a Lipid Deacetylase (AADACL1) as a Novel Regulator of Platelet Activation
2:00–2:20 PM Break (10 minute)
2:20–3:30 PM  Keynote Talk: Dorothy Erie, PhD - Professor of Chemistry at UNC Chapel Hill
"Fun with AFM, single-molecule fluorescence and DNA repair" 
3:30–5:30 PM Poster Session and Social in Kenan Dining Room


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