Seminar Podcasts

Listen to the podcasts recorded by faculty and students from the course BIOC 701 - Critical Analysis & Communication in Biochemistry that introduce you to speakers of our Departmental seminars and provide brief backgrounds for the topic of the talks.

File Introducing Dr. Meissner's seminar: 12-3-2013
"Loss of calmodulin inhibition of ryanodine receptor promotes cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure"
File Introducing Dr. Wade's seminar: 11-5-2013
“Gene regulation by chromatin”
File MP3 audio Introducing Dr. Harris's seminar: 10-22-2013
“The Prion Protein: A Dual Role in Prion and Alzheimer’s Diseases”
File Introducing Dr. Chen's seminar: 10-1-2013
"Epigenetic regulation of NF-kappaB signaling in Cancer and immunity"
File Introducing Dr. Wordeman's seminar: 9-24-2013
“A link between tumor suppressors, microtubule dynamics and chromosome instability"
File Introducing Dr. Dokholyan's seminar: 9-17-2013
“Understanding the etiology of the Lou Gehrig’s disease”
File Introducing Dr. Bergmeier's seminar: 9-10-2013
“Controlling platelet activation in health and disease: Rap GTPase signaling takes center stage ”
File Introducing Dr. Strahl's seminar: 9-3-2013
"Cracking the ‘histone code’ – new lessons learned from UHRF1"