Congratulations 2017 Presentation Winners

Congratulations to Cassandra Hayne, Jacob Matson, and Mahmud Hussain, PhD 2017 Research Retreat Talk and Poster winners!

Congratulations 2017 Presentation Winners click to enlarge Greg Wang, Retreat Committee Co-chair and BCBP Assistant Professor handed out the poster and talk awards. Cassandra Hayne (left), Jacob Matson (upper right) and Mahmud Hussain, PhD (lower right).
Congratulations 2017 Presentation Winners click to enlarge May 2-3, 2017 Research Retreat held at the NC Botanical Gardens and Rizzo Conference Center's Magnolia Room & Dubose Home

Congratulations to our 2017 Research Retreat Poster and Talk winners!

Best Predoctoral Poster:

Jacob Matson, Cook Lab “Mutual regulation of origin licensing and early differentiation”

Best Postdoctoral, Research Staff and Faculty Poster:

Mahmud Hussain, PhD, Kuhlman Lab “Gαq-Inhibitors that terminate G protein signaling by competing at an effector (PLC beta-3) binding site”

Best Talk:

Cassandra Hayne, graduate student, Neher Lab “The LPL Truncation Variant, LPLS447X, Increases Lipoprotein Uptake”

2017 BCBP Research Retreat Committee Members: Aaztli Coria (Biochemistry & Biophysics student), Jamie DeSoto (staff & registration contact), Pengda Liu (faculty), Hanna Trzeciakiewicz (Biochemistry & Biophysics student), Greg Wang (faculty and committee chair). Thank you to all of our retreat committee members, participants, and other student volunteers who made this a successful event.