Faculty News

Vaziri and Janzen receive NIH grant to make chemotherapy drugs more effective
A team led by Cyrus Vaziri and William Janzen at UNC have received a grant from the National Institutes of Health for research that could help make chemotherapy drugs more effective.
Brian Strahl featured in a video about the history of epigenetics.
Brian Strahl, associate professor of biochemistry and biophysics is featured in a video about the history of epigenetics in GEN (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News). The video titled, Epigenetics: A Timeline, spans 130 years of research.
Wolfgang Bergmeier earns American Heart Association award!
Congratulations to Wolfgang Bergmeier who received an AHA award to study the role of blood platelets in inflammation and injury.
Hermans & Lentz author new book "Equilibria and Kinetics of Biological Macromolecules"
Drs. Jan Hermans and Barry Lentz have published a new textbook that progressively builds a deep understanding of macromolecular behavior.
A powerful technique to further understanding of RNA
In a paper published by JACS, Qi Zhang, an assistant professor of biochemistry and biophysics and member of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, and his team have revealed his newest weapon – a powerful technique to visualize the shape and motion of RNA at the atomic level using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR).
Carter lab news one of the top ten stories in 2013
Congratulations to Dr. Charlie Carter, Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, whose publication in the September 13th issue of Journal of Biological Chemistry was selected as one of UNC School of Medicine's top ten stories of the year.
Bergmeier receives Established Investigator Award from AHA
Congratulations to Dr. Wolfgang Bergmeier, Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics for receiving an Established Investigator Award from the American Heart Association for research on "The Platelet Signaling in Inflammation and Autoimmunity".
Our rank as 4th nationally in NIH funding holds in 2013!
In keeping with last year's ranking, the Department continues to rank fourth among all Biochemistry departments in the US.
ASBMB Today highlights Henrik Dohlman as a new JBC associate editor
Learn more about Henrik Dohlman, professor and vice chair of biochemistry and biophysics, from his profile highlight in ASBMB Today's December 2013 issue.
Sharon Campbell organizes the ASBMB Special Symposia Series to be held July 2014
Learn more about the event "Translating the Biophysics of Molecular Switches: Signaling Mechanisms and Inhibition of Ras and Rho GTPases"
New findings from the Carter lab challenge assumptions about origins of life
Dr. Charles Carter, Jr., Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics resurrect “molecular fossils” to conduct experiments that undercut the predominant scientific theory of how life began on Earth.
Conquering Chromatin
Congratulations to Greg Wang, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, who was awarded a Jefferson Pilot Fellowship from UNC School of Medicine to further his research mission searching for better ways to shut down cancer cells.