Lentz and Majumder podcast about FRET

Lentz Lab members create a podcast for the Biochemical Journal to discuss their recent paper "Phosphatidylserine and FVa regulate FXa structure"

Lentz and Majumder podcast about FRET click to enlarge Barry Lentz, PhD
Lentz and Majumder podcast about FRET click to enlarge Rinku Majumder, PhD

In this podcast, listen to Barry Lentz and Rinku Majumder as they discuss using FRET to monitor the structure of Factor Xa alone and complexed with Factor Va. The results demonstrate the usefulness of FRET in analysing structure–function relationships in FXa and in the FXa·FVa2 complex.

Postcast on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/portlandpress/barry-lentz-and-runki-majumder

Article in the Biochemical Journal: http://www.biochemj.org/bj/459/bj4590229.htm

Barry Lentz, is a Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics and Director of the Program in Molecular and Cellular Biophysics at UNC. Research in his lab seeks to reveal biomembrane structural features leading to two aspects of membrane function: the role of platelet membranes in blood coagulation and the involvement of bilayer microstructures in cell membrane fusion.

Rinku Majumder is a Research Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at UNC working in the Lentz lab. Her research efforts are focused on understanding the role of Protein S in blood coagulation.