Recent News

Grad Student Justin Black awarded an AHA Predoctoral Fellowship
Congratulations to Justin Black, graduate student of Biochemistry and Biophysics, who was awarded a Predoctoral Fellowship by the American Heart Association!
Researchers in the Strahl lab identify another piece of the "histone code" puzzle
New research from the lab of Dr. Brian Strahl, associate professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, has shown how a protein called UHRF1 “reads” the histone code in a specific way to perform an important cellular function.
Dohlman selected as JBC associate editor
Congratulations to Dr. Henrik Dohlman who will become an Associate Editor of Journal of Biological Chemistry, a peer-reviewed journal, effective July 2013 for a five-year term.
Scott Rothbart receives the Pincus Award from FASEB
Dr. Scott Rothbart, postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Brian Strahl is the recipient of the 2013 Pincus Travel Award from FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology).
Grad Student Jaime Campbell receives 2013 Dissertation Completion Award
Congratulations to Jaime Campbell, a graduate student of Biochemistry & Biophysics, for receiving the 2013 Dissertation Completion Award.
Grad Student Mahmoud Shobair receives 2016 Dissertation Completion Award
Congratulations to Mahmoud Shobair, a graduate student of Biochemistry & Biophysics, for receiving the 2016 Dissertation Completion Award.
UNC researchers engineer 'protein switch' to dissect role of cancer’s key players
In the first application of this approach, the UNC researchers showed how a protein called Src kinase influences the way cells extend and move, a previously unknown role that is consistent with the protein’s ties to tumor progression and metastasis.
Alumni Research Day is Thursday, May 16th
The Department is featuring a full day of events including invited alumni talks by distinguished researchers, Dr. Lee Limbird (Dean of School of Natural Sciences at Fisk University) and Dr. Sylvie Doublie (Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Biology at University of Vermont), talks by our current students, a poster session, and a panel discussion by alumni on career paths and more. Learn more and join us!
Dr. Gerald Crabtree hosted by students for a distinguished lecture
Biochemistry and Biophysics graduate students host Gerald Crabtree, MD for a special lecture on "Chromatin Regulation: New Concepts and Methods"
Two biochemistry and biophysics grad students awarded NSF Fellowships
Congratulations to Cassandra Hayne and Rebecca Pollet for receiving Predoctoral Fellowships from the National Science Foundation!