Recent News 2

Neher receives Jr. Faculty Research Award from NLA
Congratulations to Saskia Neher, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics who received a Basic Science Award from the National Lipid Association (NLA)!
Newly designed viral vectors could lead to improved gene therapies
UNC and University of Florida researchers created viruses to deliver gene therapies while evading pre-existing immune system responses. Congratulations to Aravind Asokan, Assistant Professor of Genetics with a Joint Appointment in Biochemistry and Biophysics of whose findings provide a road map for designing virus strains that can evade neutralizing antibodies.
Where Cigarette Smoking’s Damage is Done . . . Down to Your DNA
A new technique from UNC School of Medicine scientists led by Nobel Prize winner Aziz Sancar reveals the genome-wide DNA damage that a major carcinogen causes.
Researchers show how a cancer gene protects genome organization
UNC study uncovers crucial function of a yeast enzyme Set2 whose well-conserved human counterpart is often mutated in cancers, especially kidney cancer.
Congratulations 2017 Presentation Winners
Congratulations to Cassandra Hayne, Jacob Matson, and Mahmud Hussain, PhD 2017 Research Retreat Talk and Poster winners!
Parise elected UNC-Chapel Hill Faculty Chair
Leslie Parise, professor and chair of biochemistry and biophysics, has been elected to a three-year term as chair of the faculty beginning on July 1, 2017.
Grad student Mahmoud Shobair receives his PhD
Mahmoud successfully defended his dissertation and received his PhD on April 20, 2017.
Grad student Bradley Falk receives his PhD
Bradley successfully defended his dissertation and received his PhD on April 17, 2017.
April 7-19 Faculty Elections
The annual faculty elections will be held April 7-19, 2017. Electronic ballots will be sent by email to all members of the Voting Faculty.
McGinty Awarded 2017 Pew-Stewart and Searle Scholarships to Pursue Cancer Research
Robert McGinty, M.D., Ph.D., an assistant professor in Pharmacy with a joint appointment in the department of biochemistry and biophysics has been selected as both a 2017 Searle and a Pew-Stewart Scholar. He is the first Searle Scholar named at the University of North Carolina in the past 10 years.