Administrative Staff

Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
120 Mason Farm Rd, Campus Box 7260
3rd Floor, Genetic Medicine Building
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

tel: 919-962-8326

Jesse Arp

Post-Awards Administrator
Office: 3010 Genetic Medicine
Phone: 919-843-9984

Carolyn Clabo

Assistant to Aziz Sancar, Development

Office: 3073 Genetic Medicine
Phone: 919-962-7642

Megan DeMarco

Pre-Awards Administrator
Office: 3018C Genetic Medicine
Phone: 919-962-1058

Jamie DeSoto

Executive Assistant to the Chair
Office: 3013 Genetic Medicine
Phone: 919-843-9986

John Hutton

Post-Awards Administrator
Office: 3018A Genetic Medicine
Phone: 919-843-9740

Lisa Phillippie

Post-Awards and Student Services Manager 
Office: 3024 Genetic Medicine
Phone: 919-843-9737

Susan Sarvis

Human Resources Consultant
Office: 3011 Genetic Medicine
Phone: 919-962-8328