John Riordan

Research: Structure and function of ABC proteins

John Riordan

Michael Hooker Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
(PhD - University of Toronto)

6107 Thurston-Bowles
CB# 7248
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7260


Structure, Function And Biosynthetic Processing Of Membrane Proteins

The primary research focus is the structure, function and biosynthetic processing of membrane proteins which provide permeability pathways through the membranes of cells. Much of the current work is concentrated on the ion channel protein which is absent or dysfunctional in patients with cystic fibrosis. All patients have mutations in the gene which codes for this protein which is called CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator).

CFTR is a secretory channel which plays a central role in maintaining fluid balance in several tissues including the lung airways, the intestines and many exocrine glands such as the pancreas and salivary glands. To elucidate the molecular mechanisms of CFTR function, we study the single channel properties by electrophysiological techniques. The enzymatic activity is studied after purification of the recombinant protein generated in different cultured cell systems. Isolation of the molecule by single step methods employing antibodies and other manipulations also enables investigation of CFTR's interaction with other cellular molecules. A major objective of studies with the purified molecule is to obtain 3-dimensional structure information so that small molecules capable of recognizing features of its surface shape can be synthesized and used to modulate its folding and activity. CFTR interaction partners important in its function and biosynthesis are being identified by proteomic methods.

REPRESENTATIVE PUBLICATIONS pubmed.png (click for Full Publication List)

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