Post-Doctoral positions

Several postdoctoral positions are available at the Multidisciplinary Imaging Group, Biomedical Imaging Research Center (BRIC), UNC-Chapel Hill.

Our focuses include better understanding of the neurophysiological mechanism underlying early brain development, normal brain functioning, as well as certain disease processes (including Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s Diseases, etc) using resting-state fMRI, task-based fMRI, and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI).

Successful candidates should have research experience in at least one of the three modalities (i.e., resting-state fMRI, task-based fMRI, and DTI) and have a Ph.D degree in Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biostatistics, or related fields.

Good command of programming tools including C/C++, Matlab, Linux, and scripting are desirable. In particular, one of the positions will focus on twin genetic study on normal brain development so those with twin study experience are encouraged to apply for this position.

Successful candidates will be part of a diverse group including radiologists, psychologists, physicists, biostatistician, and computer scientists and will build upon the group’s previous work on functional brain imaging study.

If interested, please contact Wei Gao (, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology and BRIC, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.