Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services

• Data management

Subject images can be downloaded from PACS or a single copy can be saved to CD (on the day the images are obtained) and provided to the investigator without additional charge. Additional data management services include completing clinical trial paperwork and data transmission, or reloading old studies from our archives. Data management services will be billed in one hour increments at a cost of $54 per hour for federally sponsored studies or $95 per hour for industry sponsored grants and contracts.

• Professional

Options include clinical review of images or monitoring for contrast injections. Arrangements must be made in advance and professional time will be billed in 30 minute increments at a cost of $170 per hour.


Ancillary Equipment

  • The Center has a mock scanner available for training subjects undergoing MR studies. The mock scanner has a visual presentation and computer setup to simulate the scanner room experience for research subjects. Mock scanner also includes a Polhemus motion tracking system and Psychology Software Tools Celeritas training response devices (coming soon!).

  • Life support equipment including wall mounted medical gases (compressed air, suction, and oxygen).

  • Patient monitoring systems (Invivo).