Photos from Building Dedication 27 March 2014

Marsico Building Front with frame

7T Emilie and Hongyu
Emilie Kearns and Hongyu An discuss 7T images

7T Scanner
7T Scanner

Biograph mCT Scanner
Biograph mCT Scanner

Brochures: Small Animal Group

Chancellor Folt
Chancellor Folt

Crowd After Speeches

Crowd During Speeches
Marsico Hall Lobby

Roger Sit and Cyclotron Door
Roger Sit, PhD CHP, Radiation Safety Officer, stands at the 6-feet-thick Cyclotron Door

Cyclotron Door
Cyclotron Door

Entryway with Weili's photos
Marsico Hall, BRIC entryway

Juanita Ramirez and students
BRIC Study Coordinator Juanita Ramirez with students

Stage Set Up
Podium in Lobby

Small Animal Group: Ian, Hong, Jon
Ian Shih, Hong Yuan, Jonathan Frank, Small Animal Imaging Leaders

Weili Lin and Ian Shih
Director Weili Lin and Ian Shih