Small Animal Imaging Systems: Move Information

  • Most of the imaging systems including PET/CT, SPECT/CT, CNT-CT, Scanco-CT, ultrasound, and optical systems will be moved to the new location in the week of 4/14. We are expecting about one to two weeks of downtime for these modalities. We will update you with more information on shut-down and re-opening time for each indi-vidual system when we have more details. For now, please DO NOT plan any imaging studies using these systems between 4/14 –4/25. If you have to do imaging on these systems within these two weeks, please contact us now and we can discuss the arrangement.
  • For the 9.4T MRI scanner, the benchmarking and dissembling work by the vendor will start on 4/17, and the physical move of the system will be around 4/26. Due to the substantial dissembling, installation and construction work for the magnet, there will be about 5-6 weeks of downtime for 9.4T MRI system. Please do not plan any 9.4T MRI studies from 4/17 to the end of May. We will update you about the magnet move and re-installation once the work starts.
  • The imaging lab inside the Genetic Medicine will keep its normal operation schedule and will not be affected by the move.

    Hong YuanThank you,
    Hong Yuan, Ph.D.
    Director, BRIC Small Animal Imaging Facility
    Research Assistant Professor, Radiology
    School of Medicine, UNC Chapel Hill