BRIC Faculty

NameDepartmentResearch Interest(s)
Tony Amelio Antonio L. Amelio, PhD School of Denistry | Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Signal Transduction, Cancer Cell Biology, Optical Imaging

Hongyu An

Hongyu An, PhD
Radiology Ischemic Stroke


Charlotte Boettiger, PhD

Psychology Addiction, Executive Function, MR


Tamara Branca, PhD

Astronomy and Physics Non-linear magnetic resonance, hyperpolarized gas imaging, MRI, NMR
Kyle Burger

Kyle S. Burger MPH, RD, PhD

Nutrition Food reward, reward learning, decision making, impulsivity, fMRI
Stacey Daughters

Stacey Daughters, PhD

Psychology, Clinical


Paul Dayton, PhD

Biomedical Engineering | Eshelman School of Pharmacy Contrast-enhanced ultrasound, ultrasound mediated therapeutics, ultrasound in oncology
Gabriel Dichter

Gabriel Dichter, PhD

Psychiatry | Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mood Disorders, fMRI


Caterina Gallipi, PhD

Biomedical Engineering Medical ultrasound technology development


Wei Gao, PhD Radiology Brain development and disorders, MRI


Kelly Giovanello, PhD Psychology Human learning and memory

Louise Henderson

Louise Henderson, MSPH PhD Radiology Cancer screening and prevention: Mammography data analysis

Shawn Hingtgen

Shawn Hingtgen, PhD Molecular Pharmaceutics Stem cell research, Brain cancer treatment, Molecular imaging
Camelia Kuhnen Camelia M. Kuhnen, PhD Kenan-Flagler Business School

Neuroeconomics and Behavioral Finance (imaging and genetics), Corporate Finance (experimental and field data)

David Lalush David Lalush, PhD Biomedical Engineering Processing, physics, and system design in PET-MRI, X-ray CT, X-ray tomosynthesis, and SPECT.

Yueh Z Lee

Yueh Z. Lee, MD, PhD Radiology Translational medical imaging, PET / Advanced MRI and CNT x-ray CT
Zibo Li Zibo Li, PhD Radiology

Radiochemistry, Preclinical and translational research, PET/Optical/MRI/CT/Ultrasound

Dr. Weili Lin

Weili Lin, PhD Radiology | Director of BRIC Cerebral ischemia, human brain development, PET, MR
Kristen Lindquist Kristen Lindquist, PhD Psychology Emotion, Affective Neuroscience, fMRI


Amy Oldenburg, PhD Physics and Astronomy Optical Coherence Tomography, ultrasound, magnetic and plasmonic contrast agents, viscoelastic tissue properties, diffusion, thrombosis, lung structure and function, breast cancer


Javed Mostafa, PhD Information Science Director: Laboratory of Applied Informatics Research (LAIR)


Marc Niethammer, PhD Computer Science Medical image analysis, shape analysis, image segmentation and registration with a focus on longitudinal registration models


Matthew Parrott, PhD Radiology Novel drug delivery platforms using PET and SPECT


Dinggang Shen, PhD Radiology Medical Image Analysis
Feng Shi Feng Shi, PhD Radiology | BRIC Biomedical imaging computing (MRI/PET), machine learning, early brain development


Yen-Yu Ian Shih, PhD Neurology | Biomedical Engineering High-resolution MRI, Neurovascular coupling, Deep brain stimulation, Stroke

Terry Wong BRIC

Terence Wong, MD, PhD Nuclear Medicine | Radiology | Director, Molecular Imaging | Medical Director, BRIC PET/CT, PET/MR, Advanced MR and CT, novel PET Tracers
Guorong Wu Guorong Wu, PhD Radiology | BRIC

Medical image analysis, machine learning, computer assisted diagnosis and radiotherapy.

Zhanhong Wu Zhanhong Wu, PhD Radiology Novel PET probes development (PET/CT, PET/MRI)


Pew-Thian Yap, PhD Radiology Diffusion MRI

Hong Yuan

Hong Yuan, PhD Radiology Tissue metabolism, oxygenation, and vasculature, PET, Optical imaging, MRI


Hongtu Zhu, PhD Biostatistics Biostatistics, statistics, data mining, image and shape analysis, imaging genetics, and neuroimaging data, ultrasound, fMRI, DTI, MRI resting fMRI, PET and EEG/MEG