Hongtu Zhu


Department: Biostatistics
Contact: htzhu@email.unc.edu
T: 919.966.7272

Research Interests:
Biostatistics, Statistics, Data mining, Image analysis, Shape analysis, Imaging genetics, and neuroimaging data analysis
Ultrasound, fMRI, DTI, MRI, resting fMRI, PET, and EEG/MEG

Using advanced statistical and mathematical methods for image reconstruction, image segmentation, shape analysis, statistical group analysis, connectivity analysis, multimodal analysis, and imaging genetics.


Recent Publications:

1. Wang, J., Zhu, H.T., Fan, J.Q., Giovanello, K. S., , and Lin, W. L. Multiscale adaptive smoothing models for the hemodynamic response function in fMRI. Annals of Applied Statistics, in press, 2013.
2. Li, YM, Gilmore, J.H., Styner, M., Lin, W. L., Shen, D. G., and Zhu, HT. Spatial adaptive generalized estimating equations for longitudinal neuroimaging data. Neuroimage, 2013, 72, 91-105.
3. Li, YM, John Gilmore, JP Wang, M. Styner, Weili Lin, and Zhu, HT. Two-stage spatial adaptive analysis of twin neuroimaging data. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. 31, 1100-12, 2012.
4. Lin, J., Zhu, H.T., Knickmeyer, R., Styner, M., Gilmore, J. and Ibrahim, J.G. Projection Regression Models for Multivariate Imaging Phenotype. Genetic Epidemiology, 36, 631-641, 2012.
5. Li, YM, Zhu HT, Shen DG, Lin WL, Gilmore J, and Ibrahim JG. Multiscale adaptive regression models for neuroimaging data. JRSS, Series B, 73, 559-578, 2011.
6. Zhu, HT., Kong, L., Li, R., Styner, M., Gerig, G., Lin, W. and Gilmore, J. H. FADTTS: Functional Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Tract Statistics, NeuroImage, 56, 1412-1425, 2011.
7. Zhu HT, Zhang HP, Ibrahim JG, and Peterson BG. Statistical analysis of diffusion tensors in diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance image data (with discussion). Journal of the American Statistical Association, 102, 1081-1110, 2007.
8. Mauldin, F. W., Zhu HT, Behler, R. H., and Gallippi, C. M. Robust principal component analysis and clustering methods for automated ARFT segmentation. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 34, 309-325, 2008.
9. Gao, W., Zhu, HT., Giovanello, K. S., Smith, J. K., Shen, D. G., Gilmore, J. H., and Lin, W.L. Emergence of the brain's default network: Evidence from two-week-old to four-year-old healthy pediatric subjects. Proceedings of the National Academic Sciences, USA, 106, 6790-6795, 2009.
10. R.C. Knickmeyer, J.P. Wang, H.T. Zhu, , X. Geng, S. Woolson, R.M. Hamer, T.Konneker, M.Styner, and J. H. Gilmore, M.D. Impact of Sex and Gonadal Steroids on Neonatal Brain Structure. Cerebra Cortex, in press, 2013.