Terence Wong

Terry Wong BRIC


Chief, Division of Nuclear Medicine| Director, Molecular Imaging, BRIC | Medical Director, BRIC
Departments: Radiology | BRIC
Contact: tzwong@med.unc.edu | T: (919) 966-9676

Research Interests
PET/CT, PET/MR, advanced MR and CT, novel PET tracers

My primary interest is in the development and application of functional/anatomic imaging biomarkers to guide and evaluate therapeutic decisions.

Recent Publications

Murphy KR, Landau SM, Choudhury KR, Hostage CA, Shpanskaya KS, Sair HI, Petrella JR, Wong TZ, Doraiswamy PM; Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. Mapping the effects of ApoE4, age and cognitive status on 18F-florbetapir PET measured regional cortical patterns of beta-amyloid density and growth. Neuroimage. 2013 Sep; 78:474-80.

Zannas AS, Doraiswamy PM, Shpanskaya KS, Murphy KR, Petrella JR, Burke JR, Wong TZ. Impact of 18F-florbetapir PET imaging of β-amyloid neuritic plaque density on clinical decision-making. Neurocase. 2013 May 14. [Epub ahead of print]

Harrison MR, Wong TZ, Armstrong AJ, George DJ. Radium-223 chloride: a potential new treatment for castration-resistant prostate cancer patients with metastatic bone disease. Cancer Manag Res. 2013;5:1-14.

Lawrence MV, Saynak M, Fried DV, Bateman TA, Green RL, Hubbs JL, Jaszczak RJ, Wong TZ, Zhou S, Das SK, Marks LB. Assessing the impact of radiation-induced changes in soft tissue density∕thickness on the study of radiation-induced perfusion changes in the lung and heart. Med Phys. 2012 Dec;39(12):7644-9.

Beasley GM, Parsons C, Broadwater G, Selim MA, Marzban S, Abernethy AP, Salama AK, Eikman EA, Wong T, Zager JS, Tyler DS. A Multicenter Prospective Evaluation of the Clinical Utility of F-18 FDG-PET/CT in Patients With AJCC Stage IIIB or IIIC Extremity Melanoma. Ann Surg. 2012 Aug;256(2):350-6.

Sampson JH, Brady M, Raghavan R, Mehta AI, Friedman AH, Reardon DA, Petry NA, Barboriak DP, Wong TZ, Zalutsky MR, Lally-Goss D, Bigner DD. Co-localization of gadolinium-DTPA with high molecular weight molecules after intracerebral convection-enhanced delivery in man. Neurosurgery. 2011 Sep;69(3):668-76.

Paldino MJ, Wong TZ, Reardon DA, Friedman HS, Barboriak DP. Prognostic significance of parameters derived from co-registered 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography and contrast-enhanced MRI in patients undergoing intracavitary radiation therapy for high-grade glioma. Br J Radiol. 2011 Apr;84(1000):327-33.

Yoo DS, Wong TZ, Brizel DM. The role of adaptive and functional imaging modalities in radiation therapy: approach and application from a radiation oncology perspective. Semin Ultrasound CT MR. 2010 Dec;31(6):444-61.

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Craciunescu OI, Blackwell KL, Jones EL, Macfall JR, Yu D, Vujaskovic Z, Wong TZ, Liotcheva V, L Rosen E, Prosnitz LR, Samulski TV, Dewhirst MW. DCE-MRI parameters have potential to predict response of locally advanced breast cancer patients to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and hyperthermia: A pilot study. Int J Hyperthermia. 2009;25(6):405-415.