Weili Lin

Dr. Weili Lin


Director of BRIC | Dixie Lee Boney Soo Distinguished Professor of Neurological Medicine | Vice Chair of Basic Research (Radiology)
Departments: Radiology | Neurology | Biomedical Engineering | Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Contact: weili_lin@med.unc.edu | T: 919.843.8120 (Ann Sherman, Assistant) 919.843.4438 (Kate Thompson, Assistant)

Research Interests
Cerebral ischemia, human brain development, PET, MR

Dr. Lin's research interests are two-fold:
1. Using PET and MR imaging to research cerebral ischemia, both pre-clinically and clinically. Dr. Lin hopes his research in this field will refine how imaging can be used to guide therapy.

2. Using MR as a means to noninvasively learn about structural and functional brain maturation.

Recent Publications:

1. Yuan H, Frank JE, Hong Y, An H, Eldeniz C, Nie J, Bunevicius A, Shen D, Lin W. Spatiotemporal uptake characteristics of 18-F-2-Fluoro-2-Deoxy-D-Glucose in a rat middle cerebral artery occlusion model. Stroke. 2013;10(1161):1-15.

2. Li Y, Gilmore J, Shen D, Styner M, Lin W, Zhu H. Multiscale adaptive generalized estimating equations for longitudinal neuroimaging data. NeuroImage. 2013;72:91-105.

3. Wang L, Shi F, Yap PT, Lin W, Gilmore J, Shen D. Longitudinally guided level sets for consistent tissue segmentation of neonates. Human Brain Mapping. 2013; 34(4): 956-972.

4. Gao W, Gilmore J, Shen D, Smith JK, Zhu H, Lin W. The synchronization within and interaction between the default and dorsal attention networks in early infancy. Cerebral Cortex. 2013;23(3):594-603.

5. Chen Y, Zhu H, An H, Armao D, Shen D, Gilmore J, Lin W. More insights into early brain development through statistical analyses of eigen-structural elements of diffusion tensor imaging using multivariate adaptive regression splines. Brain Structure and Function. 2013:1-19.

6. Short SJ, Elison JT, Goldman BD, Styner M, Gu H, Connelly M, Maltbie E, Woolson S, Lin W, Gerig G, et al. Associations between white matter microstructure and infants’ working memory. NeuroImage. 2013;62(1):156-166.

7. Khondker ZS, Zhu H, Haito C, Lin W, Ibrahim JG. The Bayesian covariance lasso. Statistics and Its Interface. 2013; 6: 243-259.

8. Gilmore J, Shi F, Woolson S, Knickmeyer R, Short S, Lin W, Zhu H, Hamer R, Styner M, Shen D. Longitudinal development of cortical and subcortical gray matter from birth to 2 years. Cerebral Cortex. 2012; 22 (11): 2212-2284.

9. Wang L, Shi F, Yap PT, Gilmore J, Lin W, Shen D. 4D multi-modality tissue segmentation of serial infant images. PLoS ONE. 2012;7(9).

10. Yuan Y, Zhu H, Lin W, Marron JS. Local polynomial regression for symmetric positive definite matrices. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B: Statistical Methodology. 2012; 74(4):697-719.

(full list here, via REACHNC)