Yen-Yu Ian Shih



Assistant Professor | Director of Small Animal MR Imaging Facility
Departments: Neurology | Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests:
High resolution fMRI, Neurovascular coupling, Deep brain stimulation, Stroke

Dr. Shih’s group focuses on developing and applying high-field functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technologies to study neurovascular functions in animal models. The major projects include: 1) to uncover neural circuit dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease using electrical and optogenetic stimulation and 2) to investigate periinfarct spreading depolarization using dynamic perfusion-diffusion MRI.


Recent Publications:

1. Shih YY, Chen YY, Lai HY, Kao YC, Shyu BC, Duong TQ, "Ultra high-resolution fMRI and electrophysiology of the rat primary somatosensory cortex," Neuroimage, 2013; 73:113-120.
2. Chen CC, Shih YY, and Chang C, "Dopaminergic imaging of non-motor manifestation in Parkinson disease by fMRI," Neurobiol Dis, 2013; 49:99-106.
3. Shih YY, Li G, Muir ER, De La Garza BH, Kiel JW, and Duong TQ, "Pharmacological MRI of the retina: blood flow and BOLD responses during nitroprusside infusion," Magn Reson Med, 2012; 68(4):1273-8.
4. Lai HY, Liao LD, Lin CT, Chen YY, Tsang S, Chang JY, and Shih YY, "Design and experimental validations of a novel flexible neural probe for deep brain stimulation and multichannel recording, " J Neural Eng, 2012; 9(3):036001.
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