Zibo Li

Zibo Li

Associate Professor, Director of Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Research Program
Department: Radiology
Contact:   | T: 919.962.5152

Research Interests
Radiochemistry, Preclinical and translational research

As an Associate Professor of Radiology, my research has been focused on the development and validation of novel radiolabeling methods and multimodality molecular imaging probes for various diseases, including cancer, diabetes, neuro-disease, and cardio vasculature disease. To be more specific, the major efforts of my current research include: 1) developing novel radiochemistry for cancer diagnosis, neuroimaging, cardiac imaging, diabetic research, drug discovery and development, and targeted radionuclide therapy;  2) developing multimodality molecular imaging agents; 3) developing novel nanotechnology and studying its biomedical applications; 4) developing pre-targeted drug delivery system for cancer imaging and therapy; and 5) performing PET related translational research.

The cyclotron and radiochemistry facility is located on the second basement (SB) of the Marsico Hall. The heart of the Radiochemistry Facility include a GE PETtrace cyclotron and a cGMP lab for the production of radioisotopes/radiotracers for clinical/clinical-research use; a research radiochemistry lab (fully equipped with hot cells and automated modules) for large scale production/process optimization of research radiopharmaceuticals; and a small scale R&D lab to develop new labeling reactions and radiopharmaceuticals.

Recent Publications

  1. Liu S, Li D, Guo J, Canale N, Li X, Liu R, Krasnoperov V, Gill PS, Conti PS, Shan H,* Li Z.* Design, Synthesis and Validation of Axl-Targeted Monoclonal Antibody Probe for microPET Imaging in Human Lung Cancer Xenograft. 2014, Mol Pharm, Epub ahead of print.
  2. Hu H, Li D, Liu S, Wang M, Moats R, Shan H, Conti PS, Li Z*. Integrin α2β1 Targeted GdVO4:Eu ultrathin nanosheet for multimodal PET/MR imaging. 2014, Biomaterials, Epub ahead of print.
  3. Liu S, Li D, Zhang Z, Prakash GKS, Conti PS, Li Z*. Efficient synthesis of fluorescent-PET probes based on [18F]bodipy dye. Chem Commun, 2014, 50(55):7371-3.
  4. Wu Z, Li L, Liu S, Yakushijin F, Yakushijin K, Horne D, Conti PS, Li Z*, Kandeel F, Shively J. E*. Facile Preparation of a Thiol-Reactive 18F-Labeling Agent and Synthesis of 18F-DEG-VS-NT for PET Imaging of a Neurotensin Receptor Positive Tumor. J Nucl Med, 2014, 55(7):1178-1184.
  5. Liu S, Li D, Shan H, Gabbaï FP, Li Z,* Conti PS. Evaluation of 18F-Labeled BODIPY Dye as Potential PET Agents for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging. Nucl Med Biol, 2014, 41(1):120-6.
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