Journal Club--Image Acquisition

Please check your email updates for meeting locations.

The Group Meetings give participants an opportunity to discuss the successes and challenges of their research.

The Journal Clubs focuses on the research of others--presenters pick a published peer-reviewed article within their field to discuss, examining the strengths and weaknesses of the articles and relating it back to their own studies.


18 June Cihat Eldeniz
2 July Ting He
16 July Yasheng Chen
30 July Bryant Mersereau
13 August Chris Pecora
28 August Le Zhang
11 September Jason Brown
25 September Lucile Bompard
9 October Hongyang Yuan
23 October Bo Li
6 November Hong Yuan
20 November Fang-Ying Chiu
4 December Jeong Chul Kim
18 December Xiaopeng Zong
1 January 2014 **HOLIDAY**
4 February 2014 Cihat Eldeniz
18 February Meher Juttukonda
4 March Yasheng Chen
18 March Bryant Mersereau
1 April Chris Pecora
15 April Xiaopeng Zong
29 April Jason Brown
6 May Hongyang Yuan
20 May Bo Li
3 June Hong Yuan
17 June Fang-Ying Chiu
1 July Jeong Chul Kim
15 July Le Zhang

29 July

Cihat Eldeniz
12 August Yasheng Chen
26 August Bryant Mersereau
9 September Chris Pecora
23 September Le Zhang
7 October

Jason Brown

21 October Hongyang Yuan
4 November Bo Li
18 November Hong Yuan
2 December Jeong Chul Kim
16 December Xiaopeng Zong
30 December Cihat Eldeniz
13 January 2015 Meher Juttukonda
27 January Yasheng Chen
10 February Bryant Mersereau
24 February Chris Pecora
10 March Xiaopeng Zong
24 March Jason Brown
14 April Hongyang Yuan
28 April
12 May

Every other Tuesday 4:00-5:00 pm