Study Initiation

Study Initiation

To initiate a project using the 3T MRI or 3T MR/PET equipment, please complete the project registration form and email it to

After your project is approved, we will work with you to schedule your first few subjects to determine the proper amount of scanner time to allocate for each. Once we all agree on the appropriate scanner time, you will be given access to the 3T scheduling calendar to self schedule.

All billing is based on the actual scanner time used (in 15 minute increments).
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Additional Requirements to Initiate a Study:

To initiate a study please contact Amber Abernethy at

Before scanning subjects, please provide:

  • Approved IRB application
  • IRB approval letter
  • IRB approved consent forms

In order to begin scanning you will also need to provide a university billing account number and the name of the contact person in the billing office. It is also important to provide a scanning protocol and any special requests or information regarding your study and/or patient population prior to scanning the first subject.

For any questions, please email