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Siemens Magnetom 3T TIM Trio3T Tim Trio

The Siemens Magnetom TIM Trio is a 3T MRI whole body scanner available for use in both human and animal studies.

  • Gradient strength of 45 mT/m for longitudinal direction, and 40mT/m for horizontal and vertical direction.
  • Slew rate of 200 T/m/s
  • Variable FOV selection from 0.5 cm-50 cm
  • AudioComfort which can reduce acoustic noise up to 20 dB compared to other systems.
  • BLADE which is a TSE sequence that is less sensitive to motion and flow than conventional TSE. In the head, motion correction can also be used to further reduce motion artifacts.
  • AutoAlign is an automated alignment for standardized and reproducible slice positioning in the head based on a 3D MR brain atlas and 3D AutoAlign scout.


3T Images (click for full size):

3T_Images_01.JPG 3T Human Brain 3T_Images_03.JPG 3T_Images_04.JPG 3T_Images_05.JPG 3T_Images_06.JPG 3T_Images_07.JPG


The system combines 3T MR with simultaneous PET imaging. (Biograph mMR scanner installation to be completed December 2011).


• Unique mMR block detector architecture includes integrated cooling features to provide optimal PET performance, as well as specialized shielding to virtually eliminate magnetic field interference in the PET data processing chain.

• Attenuation correction helps improve the consistency of PET data results. This information is collected from MR data during the concurrent exam. Relevant components have been reengineered with low attenuation materials, e.g. the PET-compatible Tim coils and the mMR Tim Table.

• Gradient strength 45mT/m and slew rate 200 T/m/s.

(Picture Courtesy of Siemens)

Data Management

• Data management: Subject images can be downloaded from PACS or a single copy can be saved to CD (on the day the images are obtained) and provided to the investigator without additional charge. Additional data management services include completing clinical trial paperwork and data transmission, or reloading old studies from our archives. Data management services will be billed in one hour increments at a cost of $40 per hour.

• Professional: Options include clinical review of images or monitoring for contrast injections. Arrangements must be made in advance and professional time will be billed in 30 minute increments at a cost of $170 per hour.

Mock Scanner

The Center has a mock scanner available for training subjects undergoing MR studies. The mock scanner has a visual presentation and computer setup to simulate the scanner room experience for research subjects.



• Life support equipment including wall mounted medical gases (compressed air, suction, and oxygen).

• Patient monitoring systems (Invivo).


• Visual presentation (Avotec) equipment for fMRI and entertainment.


• Bilateral subject response boxes (Photon Control)


Study Initiation

To initiate a project using the 3T MRI or 3T MR/PET equipment, please complete the project registration form and email it to

After your project is approved, we will work with you to schedule your first few subjects to determine the proper amount of scanner time to allocate for each. Once we all agree on the appropriate scanner time, you will be given access to the 3T scheduling calendar to self schedule.

All billing is based on the actual scanner time used (in 15 minute increments). Click here for rates.

Additional Requirements to Initiate a Study:

To initiate a study please contact Amber Abernethy at

Before scanning subjects, please provide:

  • Approved IRB application
  • IRB approval letter
  • IRB approved consent forms

In order to begin scanning you will also need to provide a university billing account number and the name of the contact person in the billing office. It is also important to provide a scanning protocol and any special requests or information regarding your study and/or patient population prior to scanning the first subject.

For any questions, please email