Schedule a Study

BRIC is switching to iLab as the scheduling and billing platform. Please click HERE to set up an iLab account now.  Current online calendars will remain in place for actual scheduling and billing until we announce the starting date for the new system in November. 

Staff Supported Imaging:  9.4T MRI, PET, SPECT, CT

For staff supported imaging please submit an imaging request by clicking on the button below:

Imaging Request Button

A confirmation email will be sent to you once the study has been scheduled on the calendar. If you have questions, please send an e-mail to


User operated Imaging:  Optical and Ultrasound

Please schedule your study on the corresponding online calendars below.  To request staff assisted optical or ultrasound imaging please click on the button above.

Kinetic_Button.png  XLumina_Button.pngX

Ivis_Button.png  XFMT_Button.png


To cancel or edit your scheduled study, please notify our staff:, or phone: (919) 966-2855.  Please see below for cancellation policies.


Scheduling Policy

  • All research investigators are encouraged to book their imaging time one week in advance. The minimum advance notice should be 24 hours for staff supported studies and 4 hours for user operated studies.
  • Booked time, if not used, cannot be canceled after the time has passed.
  • Short notice, such as one day prior, needs to be justified by the circumstances.  If your booking time needs to be longer than 4 hours, please contact Dr. Hong Yuan. (, (919)-843-3813)
  • For a user-operated study, the machine time charges will be based on the time that you book on the schedule calendar. Please include the cleaning time in your booked time.


PET Tracer Request from the BRIC Cyclotron Facility

To request production of a PET tracer from our Cyclotron facility follow this link.