The imaging system, Vevo-2100 from Visualsonics Inc., offers many new imaging features that the older model, Vevo-770, does not have. The new system definitely can provide better imaging support for many biological studies. The system is located in the new imaging lab inside the Genetic Medicine Vivarium (Room UB61). Users who want to use the Vevo-2100 system have to have their animals housed in the GM Vivarium.

Main advantages of this system include:

• Multiple foci covering bigger field of view;

• Faster B-mode frame rate (>250 fps vs. average 60 fps in Vevo770) for fast 3-D imaging Improved Doppler imaging and quantification Solid-state array transducer

• Large field of view (max. 36x36mm)

• Frame rates in 2D up to 740 fps (for a 4 x4 mm field of view)

• 30 µm resolution

• Can be exported as: TIFF, BMP, AVI uncompressed AVI, MS Video9 and DICOM

Click here to view the calendar for the machine in Marsico Hall

Click here to view the calendar for the machine in the Genetic Medicine Building.

Sample Images (click to enlarge):

Vevo_2100_Samples_Icon Vevo_2100_Samples2_Icon