Study initiation

To initiate a study with the BRIC Small Animal Facility please follow the instructions below. 

  1. Study Initiation:  Please send us an email at, to request a meeting for new imaging projects.  Meanwhile, please fill out the online Project Registration Form to briefly describe the project, study aims, and resources you might need from the SAI Facility.  If you are unsure about methods or imaging modalities for the project, you can fill out the form after the meeting. 
  2. iLab Registration: After meeting, and if you decide to start imaging studies with us, please register for an account with iLab, which is the platform that we use for scheduling and billing.  All study and service requests go through iLab so register early to avoid delays.  Instructions for iLab can be found here:
  3. Animal Protocol:  Please consider amending your animal protocol if it is for live animal imaging studies. The facility has a core protocol covering standard procedures and can be used for pilot studies if all the procedures are included in our core protocol. Please contact Dr. Hong Yuan for protocol related issues.
  4. Training and Scheduling:  We offer both user-operated imaging service and staff-supported imaging service. For user-operated imaging studies, please go to our Training webpage to receive instructions on how to request and receive the proper training. For staff-supported imaging studies, please go to the Scheduling webpage for instructions on how to schedule a study with us.
  5. External studies:  We also provide imaging support for investigators from NC State, other regional academic institutions, and private companies. For external studies, please contact Dr. Hong Yuan for all related questions.

We also have an FAQ that may answer some of your questions.