iLab Registration

The BRIC has transitioned to a new online scheduling and billing system, called iLab, which will help streamline our workflow.  Please read and follow the steps below carefully to create an account in the iLab before scheduling or sending out imaging request:   

  1. Each user needs to register with iLab first for future imaging studies.  If you already have an account, including chart string billing information, you can jump to #6 below to schedule your study.  If not, please continue. 
  2. For external users, you can go directly to register by individual by clicking the blue button below and complete the registration, then go to #6.
    iLab Registration
    You will receive a "welcome to iLab" email with your login and password within one day following a short review process.
  3. For UNC internal users, the principle investigator (PI) needs to register first by clicking the above button. Once a PI's account has been approved, members in the lab can register using the same link above and choose the PI's lab during the registration process.  PI's, please communicate with your lab members after your account has been approved so they can register.
  4. The PI must then setup their UNC accounts with chart fields information by clicking "manually add a new account number" (see more information in the "Chart Fields Instruction" below.  The PI can also designate the lab manager or someone in your department (as long as he or she has an iLab account) as a financial administrator to manage the accounts, so that he/she can help you to enter the chart strings and assign chart strings to each member.  See box below for instructions on how to enter chart-string information.  If you are not a UNC user, then you must enter your billing information during registration. 
  5. The PI or Lab Manager will need to assign each member in your lab to at least one chart-string in order for him/her to book studies in iLab.  This can be done by clicking on "Manage Account Numbers" in your lab settings.
  6. Once your account has been approved and you have at least one chart-string assigned, you can access the UNCCH cores that are live within the iLab system by logging in with your username and password at the following link: 
    Click on the "Biomedical Research Imaging Center (BRIC)"  link on the left side of the iLab page to either reserve equipment (for trained users) by clicking on the "Reserve Equipment" tab or send a service request via the "Request Services" tab for a staff assisted study or untrained users.
  7. Users must be trained first in order to schedule time on a calendar for user-operated imaging study.  In order to be trained you must submit a request by clicking on "Request Services" tab followed by clicking on "Small Animal Imaging".  You will then click on "initiate request" for "Small Animal Imaging Training Request". 

Chart-Fields Instruction

Please note that the instructions for chart-field entering within iLab are incorrect and you must follow the directions on this webpage.  Your account number needs to be constructed from the following elements separated with dashes to form Chart-String:

Business Unit - should be 5 letters or underscores.
Fund Code - should be 5 digits.
Source Code - should be 5 letters or digits.
Account Code - should be 6 digits, and always "522320" for imaging related charges
Department ID - should be 6 letters or digits.
Not required
PC Business Unit - should be 5 letters or digits.
Project ID - should be 7 letters or digits.
Project Activity Code - should be "1".
Program Code - should be 5 letters or digits.
Cost Code - should be 10 letters or digits.

Chart String Examples:
You can skip the optional elements (here PC Business Unit and Project ID are skipped):

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail with any questions.

BRIC Staff:  919-966-2855,
Hong Yuan, SAI Director:  919-843-3819,