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The program will be held on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Campus. The first day of the program is scheduled to start at 12 noon and end at 7 pm in an attempt to decrease overnight stays prior to the first day of the class.


Housing is the responsibility of the student. Housing at a discounted rate will be available but will have time limitations for quoted rates. Every effort will be made to follow state travel rate restrictions. However, that is not the case in each market.

Program Costs

The program will cost between approximately $1000 and $1725. The difference depends on how early you apply to the program, in-state versus out-of-state tuition, multiple registrations from the same location at the same time, and service to an underserved area. Each discount is based on supplemental funding we receive from several trust fund sources and may not renew from year to year. See Program Requirements and Pricing for more information.

Other Costs

Each participant will be responsible for personal transportation to and from the program sites, parking costs, meals during the program, and lodging costs. Each person will also be responsible for having a working laptop computer during the instruction and will be required to have online access to be able to receive assignments and communicate with instructors.

Ancillary Certifications

There will be two certifications that may be available, and instructors in the program will guide you through packet completion and submission if you have that interest. Nevertheless, these are certifications independently administered by independent organizations. They charge their own fees and offer their own evaluations. We will guide you through the application process but make no assurances of your completion of their certification(s).

Instruction Content

The program is structured to focus on emergency medical services/systems and medical disaster management. The first medical responder for any medical disaster is typically EMS. Aspects of this program will focus on the Emergency Support Function (ESF) 8 (Health and Medical) aspect of the National Response Framework. Specifically, the focus will include disaster medicine, decision making for establishing an extended field medical aid station, resources from state and federal agencies, processes for requesting these assets/resources, and strategies for evacuation/shelter in place decisions.


For more information about instructors, please see the Instructors page.

Academic Credit

This program was designed to function as a continuing education program with CEUs being offered for those who complete the program. It was not designed to fit into an academic curriculum program at UNC and as such, curriculum credit is not offered.

Attendance Requirements

One day of excused absence will be allowed during the program provided sufficient work is submitted in lieu of the absence that is deemed satisfactory by the instructor for the program missed. When absences occur that exceed the maximum of one, yet provided it is excused, the student will be allowed to attend the same class in the following year and allowed to finish at that time. Absences that are not excused may be grounds for termination from the program without refund.

Application Process and Deadlines for Early Tuition Discounts

The early registration discount is based on when you submit your completed application. Once we have received it, and notified you of your acceptance (provided you are accepted), you will be given a code that represents the discount(s) you qualify for at that time. You will have 30 days to register; if you do not register during those 30 days, you may be subject to loss of discount credits for certain time sensitive discounts. Furthermore, once the class is filled, registrations will be closed.

Example: You submit your application on April 25th. (Deadline for $300 early discount ends April 30). We approve your application on the 28th and notify you accordingly. You will have until May 28th to register using the discount code you are assigned. That code is unique to you and must be used within the 30 days for it to be valid.

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