Southern Burn Disaster Plan

The purpose of the program is to better prepare local states for managing significant numbers of burn injuries in the face of disaster. Each state should prepare to manage disasters within its borders. Nevertheless, any significant event has the potential to overwhelm what is an already fragile system. Thus, the importance of working cooperatively with an interstate plan to respond should the need arise.

United Planning Coalition - Region IVHistory

In 2005, the Southern Burn Disaster Plan (pdf) was published, based on the work of the various Burn Center Directors in the southeastern United States. Much of the original work from 2004-05 is still available at

In 2008-09, the Unified Planning Coalition (UPC) designated North Carolina as the lead state to work with southern states and further develop burn disaster preparedness. The UPC represents the leadership of the Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 - Health and Medical Services from the states in Region IV. In addition to those states in Region IV, other states historically involved and welcomed in this action include Louisiana, Arkansas, Virginia, and West Virginia. The UPC was created to coordinate efforts between the southern states for medical disaster management during a disaster, most commonly hurricane-type disasters.

Southern Region Burn Framework Annex