Ernest Grant, RN Receives B.T.Fowler Lifetime Achievement Award

Ernest Grant, RN was awarded the B.T. Fowler Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual North Carolina Fire and Life Safety Education Conference held in Asheville, North Carolina, February 10 - 13, 2013.

This award is given in honor of Mr. B.T. Fowler whose dedication to fire and life safety education has made a measurable impact within the fire service of North Carolina.

The award is presented to recognize an outstanding and unique individual who has made a difference in preventing the devastating effects of fire and burn injuries and deaths within the state.

All nominees are judged on 1) contributions to fire and life safety, 2) participation within FLSE network, 3) demonstrate excellence and innovation, 4) impact on community and state, 5) leadership demonstrated, and 5) minimum of ten years of service.

Congratulations Ernest!