I want to take a bath. What should I do or be aware of?

1. How often should I take a bath or shower?

Once daily is usually enough. Some people like to bathe or shower more often, and that’s alright as long as the wounds don’t dry out. Although some people think letting air get to the wounds is a good idea, we don’t agree.

2. Do I have to wash with the special soap they use in the Burn Center?

No. Now that you are home, use any good liquid or bar soap.

3. Do I have to use gloves and white sponges to wash my burns like they do in the Burn Center?

No. This is no longer necessary now that you are almost healed. Just use a clean wash cloth. If it is too rough, you can make a lather of soap with your bare hands and wash your bare hands and wash your burn.

4. Should I bathe before I come to my clinic visit?

You have a choice. You can bathe or shower in the morning, but remember to put cream or ointment on the wounds before coming to clinic. Otherwise they will be dry as a potato chip when you are seen by us! On the other hand, you can wait and get your wound care done here. Most people prefer to let us do the work, and we are happy to. The most important thing is to bring pain medication with you, and to take it about 30 minutes before your clinic visit.