I itch alot. What can I do to prevent or control the itching?

1. Why do I itch and burn so much?

That is just a part of the burn healing. While we don’t know exactly why it happens, it can be from the extra blood your body sends to heal the burn, chemicals the body releases in the healing process, and dry skin.

2. What can I do to stop the itching?

Put your lotion or cream on lots of times a day to replenish some of the moisture and oils your skin are no longer able to supply. Wear your pressure garments as you have been taught to help squeeze out the extra blood in your wounds. Keep cool! Wear loose, cotton clothing. Make sure your garments are still tight enough-older garments lose some of their elasticity and don’t keep as much blood out of scar areas. Also, itching garments must be cared for in proper manner by washing everyday. Even so, they may need to be replaced approximately every three months. We can also give you some medicine to help stop the itching. Whatever you do, don’t scratch-gently pat the itchy area. Keep your nails trimmed short. We can give you other suggestions when you come back for your clinic visit.

3. What can I do to keep from waking up itching during the night?

To help prevent this, put your lotion or cream on again and take your itching medicine before you go to bed. Sometimes applying a bag of crushed ice in a towel to the scarred skin to bed eases the itching. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothes and adjust the room temperature so it doesn’t get too hot. We can prescribe long-acting anti-histamines, or you can purchase Claritin over-the-counter.