I am at home. When do I wear the ace bandages and garments?

1. If I am just staying home and walking around the house, do I still have to wear ace bandages or garments on my legs?

Yes. Your leg wounds still need support to prevent swelling and help the blood flow back to the heart.

2. Should I wear my ace bandages or stockings to bed?

No. That is usually not necessary since your legs and feet are on the same level as your heart while you sleep in a bed. Occasionally we may recommend wearing them at night when there is extreme scratching while sleeping.

3. If I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, should I put on my stockings or ace wraps?

No, if you make a quick trip and go back to bed. But if you stay up on your feet for a while to go to the kitchen or other places in your house, you will need them on.